Hi All! 

Been a little under the weather! Alive n kicking again now... Here's an Indian outfit from a wedding I went to several days back. Loved twirling in the rainbow colors. 

Weddings are so nostalgic! They take me to another world. 

PS: Stole this outfit from my sister. 

Outfit Details

Salwaar Kameez (Custom Made by Sawan Gandhi) [Stolen from sis]
Jimmy Choo Wedges (sold out), Black color available here
Bottega Veneta Clutch

Hope your long weekend is off to a great start! 
An outfit from earlier in the week... a sweet reminder of some real sweet memories. 


Outfit Details

BCBG MaxAzaria Jumpsuit (sold out), Similar here and here (love this one on sale!)
Ray Ban Sunnies
Mulberry Bag
Cole Haan Sandals (old)

Hi Guys! 

Hope your week is off to a great start. Yesterday was a super special day... 'twas the bday of someone very near and dear to my heart. I love them to pieces, and sent them tons of positivity and love. Distance does have a way of getting in the way of many things. 

On a completely unrelated note: I found some wise things around 'happiness'. My nerdy side from all the recent reading takes over! But this is good... so read on. 

*Happiness is a journey. It's not a destination.*
*To be Happy, you must be your own sunshine*
*Dont put they key to your happiness, in someones else's pocket*
*When shared, happiness multiplies*
*Always listen to your heart, but take your brain with you*

We've all read or heard these things. Some of us (folks like me) need to absorb these proverbs and  hopefully live by them ;)

PS: I know my posts are getting more philosophical/cynical/whatever crazical you wanna call em. Thankies for keeping up with me. 

Outfit Details

Bottega Veneta Bag
Fendi Sunnies
Stuart Weitzman Sandals (old), Similar here

Hello Everyone! 

A long break yet again from posting on this space - my space. I guess I shouldn't even bother apologizing. I always make a mental note to post more often and never really stick through the promises I make to myself. Circumstances, Emotions, Friendships, Relationships, Work - nothing should get into the way of something you love doing. You do it for you. Period. 

Statutory Warning: This is going to be a long post... so feel free to close your window if you get bored! 

A lot of times, folks will ask me how I manage to keep up with blogging and hustle through a full time job - a rather stressful one at that.  And do a bazillion other things. My response (if I just want to shut them up) is "because I love it!" Easy enough and end of conversation. 

However, someone I deeply love posed the question. And it definitely brought forth a mixture of feelings. How do I blog when I'm going through a tornado of emotions and it seems as though my world couldn't get any crazier than it already is. Firstly, I don't blog as often as I'd like to. Obviously, I'm not the iron-woman that I smugly/foolishly think that I am. Emotions/Circumstances do take me for a ride. Secondly, this is my space. I love this stuff. Just because you smile and take pretty pictures doesn't mean your life is perfect. Duh. Are people ever posting crapy shitt about themselves on FB? Are those celebrities flashing their perfectly bleached teeth for tabloids - perfectly happy? Are we going to stop eating/drinking just because everything around us is crazy? Doesn't take a genius to answer.  

We do what we love. And the gratification that comes for that equals none other. This blog is just that for me. An outlet for my passion - expressed through words or through outfits. Outfits? Call me vain if you want. But, thats me. I love love love fashion and style. If this is how I channel one of my passions, this is how I channel one of my passions. Some common interests folks tend to have: Fitness, Cooking, Travel, Pets, Home Decor... you get the idea! I have a few too.. fashion blogging just happens to be one of them. Some folks cant give up on fitness. Well, I cant give up on this blog. If it helps me make sense of this otherwise chaotic thing we call life, it does. Period.

Why did I go into this silly little rampage? I just needed to vent. 
If you listened - Thanks!

Some of the outfits (like this black maxi) are on repeat. My world has changed so much from the last time I wore it. Trying to re-live some of the best memories of my life, through some of these outfits. 

Outfit Details
Athleta Maxi (sold out), Similar here
Chanel Sunnies