Hi Guys! 

Hope 2016 is off to a great start for everyone. We recently went to Solage - Calistoga where we spent a couple nights. It was a surprise trip planned by my husband. Perfect R&R! We ate a bunch, drank more, biked and walked around the cute town of Calistoga. Spent our time either in or by the pool. Truly -  Rested and Rejuvenated! 

Tomorrow I take my first business trip of the year. 

Hello World! 

It's been a while since my last post. So much has happened this year! 

I made some of the biggest & toughest decisions of my life this year. I've walked away from a few doors that led me nowhere, and embraced new beginnings. It'd be hard to go down memory lane and document everything here. 

Just recently, I was in Miami with some of my bestie's. As fate would have it, I was admitted at an ER on the eve of my 2nd marriage anniversary. We had to suspend all our plans, since we [me, babe, BFF] spent the weekend at the hospital - but I haven't had a more intimate anniversary. After a month of speculation and consideration over a few things, I just went through a surgical procedure and am healing. I have been getting pampered here at my home thats full of people I love. So much has happened in the past two months. So much has happened this summer. 

2015 has taught me so much. It's been the most insightful and eventful year. 

I loved fiercely this year. I laughed a lot. I went through my highest highs. 
 I lost a few things that will forever live in my heart. I was pained. I grieved. I hit my lowest lows. 
I healed. I've learnt. I've grown. 
I'm embarking on to fresh new chapters, and the future holds a lot of promise right now. I am surrounded by deep and profound love. And I've come to realize that "Love is Everything!"And it comes in so many different dimensions and forms. We just need to see it and swim in it. You and I have no beginning or end. We are love and love is infinite in all directions. 

I know that our angels are working on some big plans for all of us this year, and I believe with all my heart that 2016 is going to be beyond ridiculous! 

Happy 2016!! 

Hi Guys! 

Summer is my fav season and no better feeling than love! I think this outfit reflects both :)

Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. 
It will not lead you astray. 

Dedicating this post to someone I love! Happy, B'day! Love you to the moon and more! x 

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Bottega Veneta Bag

Happy Friday, Guys! 

Hope y'all are doing well. I've been under the weather & its been looking bad. I got back from an around the world business trip, only to come back home and crash. Not sure if the travel got to me, or the stress from something specific. On the brighter side, I've been getting nursed by babe. He had put everything on hold to stay by my side. He leaves for London tomorrow, and BFF flies in from NYC with my little pup. Cant wait to see em! They are my magic potion & I'm sure I'll recover in a jiffy around them. Thankful to be surrounded by so much love & warmth. 

Hoping to get back on my feet soon & go chase waterfalls. This specific hike is from the Alamere Falls! 

 Lulu Lemon  provides the perfect gear that takes you from hikes to happy hours. So much to see, so much to explore... living here in California! Actually, we all have so much to see - no matter where we live. And so much to be grateful for! There are always going to be clouds - but theres also a silver lining at the end of ever damn cloud x 

Have a great weekend! 

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